• Be tough

    Be tough

    Although we would all love to be Ms Popular at home and in the office, at work the task is not to be liked, but to be effective, says computer sales executive Andrea. “This is possibly the single most important lesson we can learn. You can't always be popular. You shouldn't have to be; it's...

  • 坚持不懈到达成功彼岸


    The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how clos...

  • 学习是一生的职业


    As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inex-haustib...

  • 05年21世纪杯英语演讲高中组第一名


  • 马云斯坦福大学演讲:我们在改变中国


    2011年10月8日马云斯坦福大学演讲:我们在改变中国 马云:大家好。我今天感到非常荣幸能来到这里和大家见面。大约几个月前,斯坦福邀请我来演讲。我没有意料到。很多人说因为所有关于雅虎,阿里巴巴,和许多其它的新闻,这个时间点来这里演讲是非常的敏感。但是既然我做了一个承诺,我还是来了。今天如果你有任何问题要问我,我都会一一回答。 今天是我来美国的第15天,而且我打算在这里待上一年。这个计划没有人知道。甚至我的公司也不知道。大家问我为什么要来这里。要打算作收购雅虎的准备吗?不,大家都太敏感了。我来这里是因为我累了。过去16年来太累了。我在1994年开创我的事业,发现了互联网,并为之疯...

  • 2011.6.7乔布斯谈苹果新园区发展蓝图


    乔布斯最近一次视频苹果园里的UFO天堂的伊甸园里有苹果,苹果园区里也有天堂。这不是部苹果广告片,更像是一部苹果招聘启事。UFO、楼一栋、杏树…不管你有没有动心,反正我是动心了! Cupertino is very famous for Apple Computer. And we are very honor to have Steve Jobs to come here tonight to give us special presentation. Mr. Jobs? 苹果如今变得炙手可热Cupertino也沾光不少,今晚我们荣幸地邀请到乔布斯莅临现场。乔总? Wel...

  • WWDC 1997 乔布斯演讲

    WWDC 1997 乔布斯演讲

    Many of the insights he had at the time are still relevant. What's interesting about this particular video is that it was during a time that Jobs was not CEO of Apple. So, he is speaking as an external advisor to the company. For the astute among you, you'll find that there are some inconsiste...

  • Facebook CEO扎克伯格:成功无捷径

    Facebook CEO扎克伯格:成功无捷径

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage yesterday in order to inspire the graduating eighth graders at Belle Haven Community School in Menlo Park, CA. 北京时间6月10日早间消息,Facebook CEO马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)昨天在美国加利福尼亚州门罗帕克(Menlo Park)的一所中学的八年级毕业典礼上发表演讲。 Impetus behind the speech: Fa...

  • 美国总统奥巴马在韩国外国语大学发表演讲


    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thank you. (Applause.) Please, thank you very much. To President Park, faculty, staff and students, thank you so much for this very warm welcome. It is a great honor to be here at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. (Applaus...

  • 奥巴马就卡扎菲死亡发表讲话


    奥巴马在声明中说,卡扎菲之死终结了利比亚人长期的痛苦,利比亚人有机会建立“民主、宽容的国家”.另外,他还警告说,阿拉伯世界的那些“铁拳”政权终将走向尽头。 另据英国广播公司(BBC)的报道,奥巴马在声明中还说,在利比亚历史中,今天是重要的一天。卡扎菲政权走到了尽头,暴政阴影已经不在。利比亚人在通往民主的道路上还有很长、曲折的路要走。 Good afternoon, everybody. Today, the government of Libya announced the death of Muammar Qaddafi. This...

  • 奥巴马纪念911十周年演讲


    In just two weeks, we’ll come together, as a nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. We’ll remember the innocent lives we lost. We’ll stand with the families who loved them. We’ll honor the heroic first responders who rushed to the scene and ...

  • 总统奥巴马伊拉克撤军演讲


    当地时间8月31日晚20时,美国总统奥巴马发表演讲宣布结束对伊作战,演讲全文摘要如下: Good evening. Tonight, I'd like to talk to you about the end of our combat mission in Iraq, the ongoing security challenges we face, and the need to rebuild our nation here at home. 大家晚上好,今晚我想与你们谈谈结束伊拉克战斗任务,我们正在面临的安全挑战,以及如何重建我们的国家。 I know this hi...

  • Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition Speech

    Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition Speech

    Tonight we come together bound by our faith in a mighty God, with genuine respect and love for our country, and inheriting the legacy of a great party, the Democratic Party, which is the best hope for redirecting our nation on a more humane, just, and peaceful course. This is not a perfect party....

  • Ilana Wexler's speech at 2004

    Ilana Wexler's speech at 2004


  • 芭芭拉乔丹1976国会演讲



  • What Is Real Beauty?

    What Is Real Beauty?

    It is human nature that all of us should be fond of beauty. Everybody was born with a heart for beauty. Today in China,with the rising of our living standard, people's requirement of beauty has been heightened accordingly. Some people spare no money or energy on beautiful clothes, fashionable hai...

  • 苹果iPhone 4S发布会中文字幕版

    苹果iPhone 4S发布会中文字幕版

    北京时间10月5日凌晨消息,苹果于北京时间10月5日凌晨1点在美国加利福尼亚州库比提诺总部举行了名为“Let's talk iPhone”的新品发布会,苹果在发布会上发布了新一代iPhone手机4s

  • 语言如何改变人类



  • 黛安?德娜珀丽:企鹅大救援



  • 我们是否正在过滤掉错误的微生物?